It’s shaping up in here.

My husband and I were talking about the salon last night (during one of the short times he was awake) and how we feel that things could not have turned out better.  The poor guy was awake and working for 36 hour straight.  Someone….Chelle needed to do a pedicure on Saturday so he had to stay up all night to build the pedicure unit.  Now it is not quite done but it looks amazing!  He is so talented…anyway, we are just so happy with how everything is going and how happy everyone seems. When we decided to start this journey I was not sure what would happen.  I knew obviously I would be working there again and I had hoped that maybe a friend would join me and well she did.  Then once I was there a week or so a few others decided to come too!  I couldn’t be happier to have them all in the salon to work along side of.  I am so happy to be back in this position that I have even decided to pick up new clients again.  That is a big deal for me as I have only worked part time for a few years.  We also have a new tenant for the front of the building and I hope she enjoys working there as much as we do.  Best of luck to her!  Here are a  few pictures I took tonight after we did a little cleaning and straightening up.


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